Coxs gets a make over

With the summer winding down and coming to an end, we decided to take advantage of the fact that a few of the cabins were empty and decided that we would do a DIY makeover. We are not professionals by any means, so we figured we would just do simple things that we could accomplish on our own, if we needed help we could always ask for it later.

The small kitchens that consist of a sink, fridge and a microwave were a bit out dated. We simply replaced the old formica countertops with a new formica color and texture. We then replaced the old sink and appliances. Each cabin has a great view of the pond as they all circle around it. The back patios are all covered and it is nice to sit outside and watch the ducks or other campers in their kayaks and such. The weather is not always the greatest and sometimes its too hot to enjoy the view from outside, so we figured we would install some nice new doors. We went with top grade weather proof fiberglass exterior french doors with top to bottom windows and the blinds that are inside. This way campers can view the pond at anytime, or easily close the blinds for privacy.

Coxs’ is open year round so we decided to upgrade the heating and cooling as well. From there we attempted to replace some of the tile in each cabin. The cabins consist mainly of wood floors, but the bathrooms are tile and so is the back splashes in the kitchen. We ripped out the old, went in with hardi board and replaced the old ceramic tile with new slate. It really completes the look of the cabins.

Last but not least, the easiest make over you can do is paint. Each cabin got its own color theme to make them not so bland and cookie cutterish. We stuck with a modern look of earth tones and neutral colors. Overall we invested about $1500.00 in each cabin, but the new look is awesome and should definitely make the campers feel more at home each night. Come on out and take a look at our new look!

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Spend the Summer at Camp

Finding a good summer camp for children is no easy task. We believe that Cox Creek cottage provides an excellent safe haven for your children to not only learn new skills while having fun, but to learn respect and manners at the same time.

Imagine your child spending the evening hours beside a campfire, sharing stories and roasting marshmallows with other fellow campers of the same age group. Here at Cox Creek cottage we offer some of the best physical trainers along with camp counselors who will help your child learn to deal with the day-to-day life problems.

Go skiing, ride the horses, ride go carts, play horseshoes, hopscotch, paint, and swim all you want all summer long. Cox Creek cottage has been compared to many boot camp’s in the way in which they are able to train young children’s minds to be respectful of those in authority not only law enforcement officers, but their elders and parents, teachers and any other authority figures.

Like many other Texas boot camps, Cox Creek cottage will do everything in its power to not only make sure that your child learns the responsibility of being an adult in the years to come, but will make sure that your child has the best summer of their life while doing it.

If your child is spending a whole summer at camp to learn something, but is not having fun while doing it, what is the point? You’re better off sending them to some military Academy where they are likely to have someone yelling at them constantly, while degrading their moral dignity and making them feel less important than they are.

We love all children regardless of shape or size, age or sex. We treat all children with the same respect that we expect them to treat our loving staff with. In roll your child today in one of the many summer camps and boot camps that are available in your local area. There are countless numbers to choose from the offer many different activities, classes, education and knowledge.

Enroll your son or daughter in a summer camp for boot camp that they will never forget. Of course we never want to forget it in a good way, not in a way that they will say to their friends that they would never come back. We have many repeat clients year after year because their children have such a great time. We hope to see your child soon.

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